About Riordan-McKenna Institute

Don’t rely on pain management to mask injuries. Explore biologic therapies with a group committed to the most minimally invasive procedures that help the body heal naturally and effectively.


Dr. Wade McKenna

Board certified in orthopedic surgery, Dr. McKenna is the chief medical officer and co-founder of Riordan-McKenna Institute. He has performed over 20,000 surgeries and is a co-founder of Biologic Therapies, a product development and research company dedicated to the advancement of autologous adult stem cell therapy. He patented the BioMac™ bone marrow aspiration catheter, an improved method of harvesting bone marrow, now becoming the standard for extraction.

Dr. McKenna is an inventor and surgeon, treating world-class athletes and developing numerous surgical and non-surgical stem cell application protocols. He is a leading advocate of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine focusing on advancing the clinical benefits in orthopedics.

Dr. McKenna treats surgical and non-surgical condition with bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and amniotic tissue products.

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Dr. Neil Riordan

Neil Riordan, PA, PhD is one of the early pioneers and experts in applied stem cell research. Dr. Riordan founded publicly traded company Medistem Laboratories (later Medistem Inc.) which was acquired by Intrexon in 2013.

Dr. Riordan has published more than 70 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals. In the stem cell arena, his colleagues and he have published more than 20 articles on multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, autism, and Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome.

In addition to his scientific journal publications, Dr. Riordan has authored two books about mesenchymal stem cell therapy: Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide: How Stem Cells Are Disrupting Medicine and Transforming Lives and MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cells): Clinical Evidence Leading Medicine’s Next Frontier. Dr. Riordan has also written two scientific book chapters on the use of non-controversial stem cells from placenta and umbilical cord.

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Dr. Russell Phillips

Dr. Phillips is a staff physician in charge of patient outreach at RMI. He is a Board-Certified Family Practice physician who has practiced in Texas since 1991. He attended Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COMS) with Dr. McKenna and has been a close friend ever since.