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Doug P. discusses how treatment at Riordan Medical Institute has reduced his chronic hip pain and enabled him to avoid hip replacement surgery.

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When I came to Riordan to take care of was my hip. I had some back issues, and I had a right knee that is constantly inflamed and hurts. Before I came in here for treatment, I was having trouble walking, sitting, sleeping. I mean, it was bad.

A friend of mine recommended you guys to us, to me, to my wife. I told him what was going on in my hip. He goes, “Ah man, I know this doctor.” And he texted him and within a couple of hours, Dusty called me on the phone and said, “Hey, c’mon in.” It was that easy.

Well, I had two options. It was either get a hip replacement or come here. And I wanted to take the route that I could actually recover quicker – non-invasive. The procedure was real easy, real simple. Came in here. Everybody’s friendly. Gave me the IV. Put me under. Man, the snacks afterward were amazing. I love the snacks. But no, it was great. I was in and out. In a couple hours, I was back at home. I thought it was going to hurt a lot more, but it really didn’t.

I think the staff here is amazing. Everybody’s friendly, helpful, and they want to give you what you need. Lots of communication via email. I had a “what to expect” handout that I could look at, and I knew exactly what to expect. You know, after the procedure, this is what you’re going to feel. This is what’s going to happen. And they said, “Do not..” you know, “Do not get your expectations up because it’s going to take about six months to fully feel the benefit. So, I’ve been patient.

You know, right away, ok, let me go for a run but you can’t. Probably about a month and a half, I really started to feel it. I think I’m at about two and a half months right now and I’m really starting to… I had to kind of like right foot, left foot up the stairs. Now, I can go right, left, right, left. I’m really starting to do stairs a lot better. And, um, I uh, balance is a lot better. My balance was really off.

You know, this procedure that I had done here at RMI… I know there is a lot of people out there who deal with chronic pain, and that’s what I was dealing with, and everything, I was miserable about everything. And as this pain is starting to go away, it’s changed my whole life. I mean, I was looking at, here I am 59 and my hip’s going, my back’s going, my knee’s going, and I’m like, “It’s over.” It’s not over!