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Dr. Herrera – How are you doing today sir?

Mr. Brown – I’m doing fantastic.

Dr. Herrera – We recently did a couple of knee injections approximately a year ago in March of 2019 for some bad arthritis. I just wanted to kind of do a follow up to see how things are going. Just kind of tell me what’s happened over the last year.

Mr. Brown – Well, before I had the injections, I had a problem particularly going down stairs. I had knee pain. Sometimes, I would have that coming up stairs. So I investigated this and I came up here and y’all injected me the same day I came up here. And today, I finally returned to see what the follow up looked like. I knew I didn’t have any pain but I just wanted to see what it looked like on x-rays. I’m shocked frankly. I can see that the space that formerly was there almost bone-to-bone is no longer there.

Dr. Herrera – So, as far as resolution of pain, how would you quantify that? Do you feel like, 0 to 100% scale, do you feel like…?

Mr. Brown – Zero pain.

Dr. Herrera – Zero pain?

Mr. Brown – Zero pain.

Dr. Herrera – Okay, great.

Mr. Brown – And I work out.

Dr. Herrera – And you’re working out so your quality of life is better?

Mr. Brown – Oh yeah.

Dr. Herrera – Your functional daily activities are much better?

Mr. Brown – No problem.

Dr. Herrera – I’m so happy to hear that.

Mr. Brown – I’m thrilled to death.

Dr. Herrera – [unintelligible] Well, I’m so glad that you’re able to share this with us and glad that we were able to help. Anything else? Any, …you know, a lot of patients will come in and be apprehensive about what we do and things of that nature. Do you have any reservations or advice for patients…

Mr. Brown – No. I have no reservations whatsoever. I know it worked. So, there’s not any question of that. I don’t take Ibuprofen. I don’t take Aleve. I don’t take anything… for that problem that I’ve had. And, I’m fine.

Dr. Herrera – Well, that’s great news.

Mr. Brown – And I’m 84. [laughing]

Dr. Herrera – Amen! That’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Mr. Brown – And I’m not pregnant! [laughing]

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Are you a candidate? Contact us today to find out.

In-person and online evaluations are available.


Are you a candidate? Contact us today to find out.

In-person and online evaluations are available.